RtI Online Course

Fall 2012 - 3 Credit Online Course

Course Description

Response to Intervention, along with a focuson the components of RtI (collaboration, balanced assessment, high quality instruction and culturally responsive practices).Students will collaborate with their peers to explore the different pieces of RtI, while using their own schools as the casestudy for their assignments. The class is closely modeled after the implementation and action steps by the Response toIntervention Center. Students will find that the work they are doing to implement RtI in their schools will be the focus of theassignments and assessments for this course.


  • Students will understand the multiple facets of Response to Intervention.
  • Students will identify best practices in implementing Response to Intervention in their school.
  • Students will articulate an action plan for their school based on relevant data that illustrates the need for Responseto Intervention.
  • Students will connect their learning about high quality instruction and culturally responsive practices to theirteaching placements.

  $474.75 /credit